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    When I try to save a zipped attachment with following dialog I get the following error message.

    What di I have to do to save the zipped file?

    However I can open the zipped file and save the contents to Xfer

    Thanks, John

    Opening Mail Attachment
    Save it to disk OK
    Save As: Save in: XFer
    File name:
    Save as type: All Files(*.*)

    Error Message:
    Microsoft Outlook - Outlook cannot save the URL to a file. Can

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    Re: Can

    I can't think of any good reason for that error, unless... is it really a ZIP file attachment (presumably many bytes), or is it a .URL or .LNK attachment that points to a ZIP file (presumably very few bytes)? Normally, Outlook's attachment security completely blocks .URL and .LNK type shortcuts as attachments. If you have unblocked them and this is actually a shortcut, that might explain the message. (Sort of... it would at least suggest that Outlook has not gone insane in its handling of ZIP files.)

    Note: by default, the file extensions for .URL and .LNK are hidden. To turn them on temporarily for diagnostic purposes, use Windows Explorer, Tools>Folder Options.., File Types tab, then for URL, Advanced..., and tick the box to always show the file extension. On my system LNK is not on this list. Odd. I suppose you could change it in the registry (under the root hive, lnkfile, you see "NeverShowExt" which you can delete or change to "AlwaysShowExt", but you might want to do some more research before trying it).

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