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    Using WordML lists do not renumber (Word 2003, SP1)

    We have WordML containign lists that are to be displayed when opened in Word. The lists are seperate so the numbering for the lists should restart for the second list but the numbering for the second list continues based on the first list. I've attached a sample file (zip)that includes a number of sample lists. I'd like the list that appears under "CONTINUES List" to start numbering at 1. It currently continues the numbering of the preceding ordered list does anyone know what is being done incorrectly here?
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    Re: Using WordML lists do not renumber (Word 2003, SP1)

    If you want reliable behaviour from lists in Word then you really need to define Styles for your various list levels and then associated the list with the Styles.

    All of your paragraphs seem to use the same Style with the numbering added manually. I don't think you will ever get this working reliably.

    For more than you ever wanted to know about Word's numbering have a look at the links in <post:=538,211>post 538,211</post:>


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