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    Auto Saving (2K & XP)

    I can install an Add-In in 2K to display an Auto Save reminder after a set period. Cannot find the same feature in XP. Has it disappeared. <img src=/S/scratch.gif border=0 alt=scratch width=25 height=29>

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    Re: Auto Saving (2K & XP)

    In Excel XP the Auto-Save add-in was replaced with a feature called Autorecover. Autorecover is on the "Tools >Options..." menu, on the Save tab.

    This is what the help file has to say about Autorecover:<blockquote><hr>Automatically makes a workbook recovery file at the interval you enter in the Minutes box (enter a number from 1 to 120). If your computer hangs (stops responding) or you lose power unexpectedly, Microsoft Excel opens the AutoRecover file the next time you start Excel. The AutoRecover file may contain unsaved information that would otherwise be lost from your original workbook. If your original workbook was damaged, you may be able to recover information from the AutoRecover file. IMPORTANT: AutoRecover does not replace the Save command

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