This could quite easily have been posted in the Networking Your Home forum.

Steve Gibson, someone whom the older members who have been involved with PCs since the '80s will have heard of, and of whose website I have known to have been rather scathing in the past, has done a series of talks* in MP3, or a variety of text formats, with Leo Laporte (from Tech TV in the US), called Security Now. There are a number on Wireless / Wi-Fi / WiFi Security, or the lack of it, which I strongly recommend. Either hear them, or read the corresponding transcript in webpage, text, or PDF form. Each talk has a series of associated references (thrid icon in).

There is also a webpage on Steve Gibson's website called Perfect Passwords which generates (pseudo-)random strings of hexadecimal, printable ASCII, and alphanumeric characters for use in the password fields for WEP/WPA. This page is also well worth a read!

I had a quick wander round the edge of a nearby housing estate this afternoon, and found, of the NINE wireless networks I came across:
ONE had WPA2/AES security (guess whose?!)
NONE had any other variety of WPA
FOUR had WEP (which can be cracked in a matter of hours, by the determined)
FOUR had no security configured at all...

I would expect vaguely similar results if tried in other locations.


* I believe such things are called "podcasts" nowadays!