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    pop up (IE6 SP1)

    I believe I need help.
    Every time I change a screen in IE6, first I have an additional delay, and a pop up comes asking me to download Micromedia Flash.
    Is it there any way to preclude this garbage from coming?
    I have NAV, and MS Spyware, but they don't seem to be effective to stop this before it comes.
    Any suggestion will bge very much appreciated.

    Daniel Rozenberg.

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    Re: pop up (IE6 SP1)

    The sites that you are visiting may require that you have Micromedia Flash installed.
    Why don't you install it?

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    Re: pop up (IE6 SP1)

    If you have Norton AntiVirus only, and not Norton Internet Security, then the following does not apply to you: in NIS I believe one of the applications lets you block certain types of content which might be used for advertising, and Flash might be among those.

    There are a number of "ad blocking" programs, some free, which can be configured to block certain types of resources, such as GIFs and SWFs. You could check on whether any of those will work for you. My firewall, Outpost Pro, lets you specifically target flash, and gives a prompt so you can decide, for each site, whether you want to allow Flash "always" "never" "this time" or "not this time." It doesn't cut down on the number of prompts, I guess, but it gives me a lot of flexibility to decide whether I trust a site before allowing it. <img src=/S/smile.gif border=0 alt=smile width=15 height=15>

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