Can anyone explain this peculiar Hierarchical Flex Grid behaviour? I've attached a small VB6 project that shows it (at least for me!).

I have a form (Form1) with a Hierarchical Flex Grid (which I'll call Flex from now on). The TextMatrix entry (1,1) is set to 'test' as the form loads. The Click event of Flex hides Form1 and Shows Form2. On Load, Form2 picks up the Form1.Flex.TextMatrix(1,1) and shows it in a TextBox. So far so good. If I change the value and click a CommandButton which updates TextMatrix(1,1) of Flex on Form1, Unloads Form2 and Shows Form1 - then there's NO change to TextMatrix(1,1)! HOWEVER, if I put a breakpoint at the start of Form2's CommandButton Click event and single-step through it, then the TextMatrix(1,1) value IS updated correctly!

What (if anything) am I doing wrong or not doing what I should be, and why is the behaviour different if I just let it rip or single-step through it? Thanks for any enlightenment!