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    Any input on faxing programs? Our software vendor writes their programs in crystal format and we have used Winfax in the past, but have run into many conflicts. They are stating that some of their customers use Zetafax. We are thinking of just getting a simple HP fax/printer to use as we just need to fax our BOL's and then print a confirmation form.

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    Re: zetafax

    Zetafax is fax server software, not just fax software. The idea is that you have a dedicated PC in the network with a phone connection. Users "print" their documents from their PC to Zetafax, and the fax server takes care of queueing the documents, converting them to fax format and sending them. The individual users don't need to have a fax machine or phone connection from their PCs. We used it for a while where I work, it operated well but the secretaries found the interface (where you can see if a fax was sent successfully etc.) less than intuitive. This was about 3 years ago, things may have changed since then.

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