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    Excell Column/Row Formatting (2003)

    I wondered if it is possible to size the columns and rows differently on differet pages? Not different worksheet but pages. Ex. A column would be a width of 10 all the way down until the next page, which it switches to a 5. For this matter, what about within the same page?

    I am duplicating some tax forms in Excell so as to have the calculations automaticlly calculated. I would like the two pages to be on one worksheet, but all the columns and rows need to be different for each page for it to look correct.

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    Re: Excell Column/Row Formatting (2003)

    No, a column has a single width throughout the worksheet, from row 1 to row 65536. If you need different column widths, either put the data in different columns, or in different worksheets. The column widths in different worksheets are completely independent from each other. Ditto for row heights.

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