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Thread: Scrap files

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    Scrap files

    Hi all

    Version Access 2000 SR1

    I have pasted into an OLE field a number of EXE's. I thought it would be a goo place to store drivers etc. At first all is well, the Icon etc. is displayed in the OLE field and I add additional fields for search and information. The problem I get is that when I copy and paste them to a directory they become 'scrap' files. My questions are as follows

    1 . How do I paste/copy them to a directory without them becoming scrap files.

    2. What are scrp files and of what use are they.

    PS when I maintained a similar system using Paradox I use a program command to read in and write out a binary file into a field.

    Thanks for any help in advance.


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    Re: Scrap files

    Rather than storing them in the database, store them in a folder on the hard drive or network. Then, set up a hyperlink data field in the database, and create hyperlinks to each file.

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