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    Mail Merge Labels - Skip certain records (2003 SP2)

    Pardon me if this is too basic, but...
    I have a mailing list in Excel that I want to use for creating mailing labels in Word 2003 SP2. In Excel, I have a column specifying whether or not I have already created a label for each record. I would like Word to ignore any records where the record is marked as already sent. When I use the "Next Record if" field, it will indeed skip a record but regardless of whether the next record should be printed or not, it will include it. I've tried "Skip Record If" with similar results. Surely I must be missing something very basic since how the heck could doing what I perceive should be so simple is so difficult.
    I know the easiest thing to do would simply be to copy the records to a separate tab in Excel for those labels already created leaving only those I need to send ... but I'm too stubborn for that.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Mail Merge Labels - Skip certain records (2003 SP2)

    Say that you have entered an "x" in the Sent column in the Excel worksheet. You can use the Skip Record If field: specify the Sent field (or whatever the column name is), and enter x in the Compare to box (leave the Comparison dropdown as Equal to).

    Alternatively, press Ctrl+F9 to insert field brackets { } (don't type the brackets yourself).
    Type SKIPIF between the brackets, followed by a space.
    Press Ctrl+F9 again to insery another pair of field brackets.
    Type MERGEFIELD Sent between the brackets (replace Sent with the appropriate column name)
    Click after the inner pair of brackets.
    Type = "x" (replace x with the value specifying a sent item)
    It should now look like this:

    { SKIPIF { MERGEFIELD Sent } = "x" }

    Press F9 to hide the field codes.

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