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    New 'Malware' detectors to stay away from.

    It's bad enough to have all that junk malware, spyware and other crap around to mess things up.
    But there are also loads of so called detectors out there that are in them selves pieces of malware or will report phoney detection of problems on your PC in order to urge you to buy their product, " because we are the only ones that can detect them. Run our program AFTER you run your other detection programs, then see what we can pick up that the others didn't".

    A newly updated list ( 12/14/05 ) of these programs to <big> <font color=red>stay away </font color=red> </big> from is HERE

    It's a long list, but worth the read.

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    Re: New 'Malware' detectors to stay away from.

    In a (roughly) related vein, the thread dak's SpywareBlaster Custom Blocking List 2005.12.14.A from alt.comp.freeware.
    I don't think is so much the download, as the "notorious" site on which it's hosted.


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