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    Excel 97 Default Workbook Template

    Office 97 sr2 = In Excel 97, where is the location of the default workbook template? Like Word has and Powerpoint has Blank, I want to make global changes to the Excel template and have been unable to find the actual file. I have looked for Book.xlt and Sheet.xlt and it is nowhere on the system. We are a customized firm with iManage integration.

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    Re: Excel 97 Default Workbook Template

    The template on which new Workbooks is based is called BOOK.XLT, and is usually stored in the XLStart directory. A further template is SHEET.XLT, on which all new sheets are based. It is also usually stored in the XLStart directory.

    It is possible that neither of these files exist, because Excel does not need them in order to provide the default settings. As Excel can have more that one startup directory, you should search your system for the files before creating new versions, which you can do if they do not exist.

    You can create a workbook with the features and formatting you want and save it as BOOK.XLT. If you want all new worksheets that you insert to have particular formatting etc, you can create SHEET.XLT also.

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    Re: Excel 97 Default Workbook Template

    BOOK.XLT and SHEET.XLT only exist if they are created by a user. In their absence, Excel uses its built-in program settings. See "templates, customizing workbook defaults" in the Excel helpfile.

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