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    Leading Inverted Comma (XL2000 SP3)

    I have a macro that converts XL data in a column for pasting into SQL, it groups 15 lines of data into each cell in another column, this fits nicely into SQL and saves space.

    The data is initially in the form 123456S and has to be in the form ('123456S', .......) - the macro adds the brackets, inverted commas and commas; no problem with line 1 that starts with the bracket, but in subsequent lines that begin with a single inverted comma, XL interprets this to mean the cell contains text (which it does of course), but the comma does not appear in the cell (although it does in the formula bar) and does not show when pasted into SQL.

    Is it possible to make XL treat the single inverted comma as a character and display it in the cell?

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    Re: Leading Inverted Comma (XL2000 SP3)

    You could use two single quotes at the beginning of a value.

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