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    Multiple Appointments Non-Recurring (2000)

    A Client recently asked me this question:

    "Prior to moving to Outlook we used Groupwise as our email and calendar application. Since converting several years ago, I have been unable to find a feature in Outlook that was extremely useful in Groupwise. When making an appointment, Groupwise allowed the user to select multiple days for the appointment, none of which needed to be consecutive. For example if I had annual leave on June 25, July 24, October 24 and January 10 I could set up one appointment and manually chose each of those dates. It appears that under Outlook, I need to set up 4 different appointments. Are you aware of a way to do one appointment under Outlook?"

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    Re: Multiple Appointments Non-Recurring (2000)

    Outlook doesn't provide this feature. You can create a recurring appointment, but you can only assign a regular recurrence pattern. It's possible to move individual occurrences afterwards.

    It's very easy to create one appointment, and copy it to other dates.

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