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    Viewing complete form (2000)

    I have a form that has multiple pages with tabs. When I open the form, I have to scroll up to see the tabs. How do I get the form to open so that I can see the tabs without scrolling. i have tried to resize the form but that does not work. Thank you. Dorothy

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    Re: Viewing complete form (2000)

    There is probably a control lower down on the form that receives the initial focus. Try one of the following methods:

    - Open the form in design view.
    - Select View | Tab Order...
    - Drag the tab control to the top (by dragging the gray square to the left of it in the Tab Order dialog)


    - Open the form in design view
    - Select the tab control by clicking in it a bit to the right of the last tab.
    - Set its Tab Order property (in the Other tab of the Properties window) to 0.

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