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    automatically using different signatures (2003)

    Is there any way to set an email account up so that it uses an autosignture when being sent outside the company but doesn't use it on email sent internally? (without having to insert it each email). Thanks

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    Re: automatically using different signatures (2003)

    Not with native Outlook, and not yet with VBA (the signature Object is not exposed in VBA - though you could code your entire signature options via VBA, rather a burdensome task).

    However, at least one Add-In does, Ex-Sign from Ornic. There may be others, check Microsoft Marketplace and
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    Re: automatically using different signatures (2003

    (This probably is obsolete, I drafted it before John posted but the Lounge timed out... I went to lunch...)

    Outlook can't really know the recipients until you click send, can it? Outlook provide a hook into the sending process so that you can manipulate a message as it is on its way to the mail server. This is a bit risky because you would be altering the content without any opportunity for review. I'm sure there are other ways to approach this, but none come to mind at the moment.

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