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    Hyperlink Formula Error (Excel 2003)

    I have created a workbook with an input worksheet requiring values and subject to this values I am displaying the hyperlink to the respective work sheet.

    The correct name displays however when you click on the hyperlink the error "cannot open the specified file" appears. When I type in the hyperlink manually it works fine so I would appreciate any assistance to advise what I have got wrong.

    The full formula is listed below:
    =IF(AND($B$3="yes",$D$3="YES",$B$4="NO"),HYPERLINK ('New ERAnet - Existing VA'!$A$7,"New ERAnet - Existing VA Sheet"),IF(AND($B$3="yes",$D$3="NO",$B$4="No"),HYP ERLINK('New ERAnet - New VA'!$A$7,"New ERAnet-New VA Sheet"),IF(AND($B$3="YES",$B$4="YES"),HYPERLINK("E xisting ERAnet'!$A$5","Existing ERAnet Sheet"),IF($B$3="no",HYPERLINK("New Reynolds Customer!A7","New Reynolds Customer Sheet"),""))))

    Thank you in advance for any assistance.

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    Re: Hyperlink Formula Error (Excel 2003)

    You have to include the workbook name in the hyperlink address, between square brackets, e.g.

    HYPERLINK([Test.xls]'New ERAnet - Existing VA'!$A$7,"New ERAnet - Existing VA Sheet")

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