At least on Win XP (maybe earlier versions of Win?), I've noticed what seems to be a discrepancy with daylight savings time as follows:

Say I saved a file to my hard disk at 11:11pm on 12 Sept. I then copy it to a thumb drive. It then has the same time stamp; if I looked at it before daylight savings time, the time stamps would be the same. If I try to copy the file from my hard drive to the thumb drive, the Win copy confirm msg will have the same timestamp for both files.

It is now Dec 23. If I try to copy that same file from the hard drive to the thumb drive, I'm asked if I want to replace the 11:11 version with the 10:11 version. I say no. I see this behavior with many files (and I didn't update them an hour later and just save them to the thumb drive) but there are a few files that were created back in Sept and the time stamp agrees in both places.

Is this some kind of quirk in Win XP? Anyway to correct this?