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    Excel 2002 Automatic calculation problem (Excel 2002 SP3)

    We are running Excel 2002, SP3 on Windows 2000 network.

    if a user sets Tools, Options, Calculation to "Manual", the settings defaults back to "Automatic" each time he shuts down and restarts Excel. Any ideas?

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    Re: Excel 2002 Automatic calculation problem (Excel 2002 SP3)

    Excel sets calculation mode to that stored in the first workbook you open. That mode will remain set during the rest of the session, unless you change it in Tools | Options...

    So if you save a workbook with calculation set to manual, the next time you start Excel and that workbook is the first you open, calculation will be set to manual. But if you first open another workbook with calculation set to automatic, it will remain automatic.

    If you always want calculation to be manual when you start Excel, you can do the following:
    - Create a blank new workbook.
    - Set calculation to manual.
    - Save it as a template named Book.xlt (this name is mandatory) in your XLSTART folder (usually Cocuments and Settings<username>Application DataMicrosoftExcelXLSTART).
    Keep in mind that it can be confusing always to have calculation set to manual.

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