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    Re: Combo box - use to populate text box (Win XP Access 2003)

    You don't need (and shouldn't use) code for this. Also, on the form itself you don't need to refer to Forms!FormName.

    Columns are counted starting at 0, so Column(0) is the 1st column, etc. From your description, I gather that U/M is the 3rd column, so you should use the following as Control Source for the text box:


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    Combo box - use to populate text box (Win XP Access 2003)

    Edited by HansV to provide clickable link to post. It's as simple as copying the entire post number including the square brackets [ ] and pasting it into your post.

    I have a form, frmInvMovimientos, on which is a combo box looking up an inventory part number, IDMaterial from tblMasterInv. The combo box, LookUpInvID, has the IDMaterial and the Descripcion fields, and I have added the U/M field. All I want to do is put that U/M in a text box on the form.

    I opened a new text box and in the Control Source property I put = Forms !frmInvMovimientos!LookUpInvID.Column(3).

    Nothing happened, so I put Me!Text33 = Forms !frmInvMovimientos!LookUpInvID.Column(3) in the OnLoad event of the form frmInvMovimientos, following <post:=518,923>post 518,923</post:>.

    Once again, nothing.

    Any ideas?

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