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    Put an end to the right of the screen (Word 2000)

    How can I limit the right end of the screen? When I am writing, I want that the end of the screen for writing stops at say 14, while I am not stopped to write further to the right and I cannot read quite well what I have written.

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    Re: Put an end to the right of the screen (Word 2000)

    I'm not entirely clear what you are asking. Do you just want the text you write not to spread too far across the computer screen, or do you also want to limit how far it goes across the page in your document?


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    Re: Put an end to the right of the screen (Word 2000)

    In addition to Ian's remarks: keep in mind that a Word document can be printed. If you make the page very narrow to fit on your screen, the printed output will look very strange. Here are some options:

    - Maximize the Word application window, and maximize the document window within Word.
    - You can st the zoom percentage in the Zoom box on the toolbar. If you set is to less than 100%, you can see more of the text.
    - You are not restrcited to zoom percentages in the dropdown list, you can also type a value such as 93% yourself.
    - If you switch to Normal view, select Tools | Options... and tick the check box "Wrap to window", text will fit within the document window.
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