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    chkdesk (Windows XP Sp 1)

    Is there a way to disable the automatic Checkdisc that happens when a program is not shut down correctly.? I do know the value of this program. but I also realize that sometimes it is not needed, and is very annoying. I had it disabled in Windows 98.

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    Re: chkdesk (Windows XP Sp 1)

    If the system shuts down abnormally, your only option is to cancel it when the system reboots. The reason that this is so is because when Windows XP shuts down properly, it sets a flag so that the boot time process knows shutdown was normal (known as the "dirty bit"). To stop XP performing this dirty bit check you can exclude certain drives. To do so, start a command prompt (Start - Run - CMD) and enter <pre>chkntfs /x <drive letter>:</pre>

    I'm going to side with Microsoft on this one and strongly suggest that you leave the defaults as they are. Ultimately it's better for system stability and your own peace of mind to keep the disk healthy automatically. The one exception I would make to this rule is for a server in an environment where uptime is critical.

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