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    Inserting Outlook Objects into Word

    I have Office 2000. I can insert Outlook entries (journal, e-mail, etc.) into Word by clicking on the entries and dragging them into Word. Two questions:

    1. The icons that are created in Word have all of the information embedded in them -- in other words, they are not a link to the entry. Therefore, (a) it makes the Word file very big and ([img]/forums/images/smilies/cool.gif[/img] if I change the Outlook entry, the stuff in Word is NOT updated. I want to have a link in Word to the Outlook entry, not the actual contents.

    2. I don't see why I should have to have Outlook open and drag and drop. Why can't I simply do an Insert operation from Word? I don't see a way to do it, though.

    Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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    Re: Inserting Outlook Objects into Word

    Right-click on any toolbar and select customize. On the Commands Tab, select Insert on the left side, and toward the bottom on the right side is Address Book. Click and drag it to the desired location in one of your toolbars (I suggest the standard).

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    Re: Inserting Outlook Objects into Word

    Thanks, Karen, for the tip. It's not what I asked about in my post, but it's something I wanted to do anyway.

    I want to be able to insert a "link" to Outlook entries in a Word document such that when I click on the link, I can see the Outlook entry. I want the link to be only a pointer so that when the text of the entry is updated and I click on the link in Word, I see the updated text.

    For example, let's assume I have a journal entry in Outlook. In Word, I would insert the link to that journal entry. Clicking or double-clicking would bring up the entry and I could look at it. I could change it, preferably from either Word or Outlook but certainly from Outlook, and the Word link would still point to the updated entry.

    Right now, I can drag the journal entry from Outlook to Word. It creates an icon. Double-clicking on the icon does precisely what I want -- I can see the text of the entry. The two problems are (1) the text is fixed as of the time I dragged the entry, updating it only updates it in Outlook, not in Word and (2) from the size of the Word document, I strongly suspect that the text of the entry is embedded in the document, even though all I see is the icon until I click on it.

    In an ideal world, I could create a hyperlink to the Outlook entry rather than the icon.

    The less important question in my original post was I wanted to be able to do this from Word rather than have to have Outlook open and drag and drop. It sure seems like this kind of integration in Office should exist.

    Thanks again.

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