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    Picture Properties (XP)

    I am creating a mail merge document in word based on a template, via vba from Access. In addition to the words I need to be able to add a picture to the document. I thought I would set up a framed image on my template and then name it and manipulate the image path from code to change the picture as required. However, when I am in my document view I cannot find where to do this. I guess I am looking for the image/picture properties but cannot seem to find it.

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    Re: Picture Properties (XP)

    You can insert an INCLUDEPICTURE field in the document/template, and use a MERGEFIELD in the path. If you display field codes, it would look like this:

    { INCLUDEPICTURE "C:Images{ MERGEFIELD PictureName }" d }

    where C:Images is the folder containing the picture files, and PictureName is the field in the Access data source containing the file name of the pictures. Note the doubling of the backslashes in the path.

    (Remember, you shouldn't type the field brackets { } yourself, either press Ctrl+F9 or select Insert | Field...)

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