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    Installation Problem: (Office 2003 Student Teacher)

    I have a laptop running Windows XP with SP2 installed. It has 3 user accounts: 1 administrator account and 2 limited accounts. I had Office 2000 installed, and today tried to install the Student version of Office 2003. As suggested during the install, I installed SP2 for Office.

    I am now having lots of trouble running the Office programs for the limited accounts. In particular, when I start up the programs, the computer spends several minutes "preparing to install" some component of Office 2003. Unclear what's being installed. Once that ends, and the program starts up, if I select clip art, it goes into a similar round of clip art installation, except that this seems to go round and round interminably, with the clip art never being installed. (Note: all clip art components have been installed on the hard drive.)

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: Installation Problem: (Office 2003 Student Teacher)

    The cause of your problem is that your limited accounts policy prohibits to make changes in the Registry.

    Assign Administrative rights to each of your limited accounts, then logon to each account and from Application Wizard (Start | Run, type APPWIZ.CPL and hit Enter) select Microsoft Office 2003..., then click Change button and select "Repair Office" option. Check reinstallation success by running Office application (Word, Excel or any other of your choice). Repeat this procedure for each account logging on and off, then logon to Administrator account once again and remove Administrative rights from limited accounts.

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