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    Both Y-axis on right side of chart (2000)

    I have a chart which has the primay and secondary axis on the right side of the chart and I can't figure out how to move the primary axis back to the left side of the chart. I ended up here by accidentally deleting the source data and not entering it back correctly.

    Is this a setting that I can't find?



    P.S. I recreated the chart, but am trying to figure out how to fix the first one in case I do this again.

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    Re: Both Y-axis on right side of chart (2000)

    Click on a point for the series that you want on the left side (if you accidently click on the wrong series, you can tab or shift-tab until the correct series is selected). Then use the Format | Selected Data Series menu and the Axis tab. Finally, click on Primary Axis and press OK. However, if you have lost the sorce data, then I don't think that your chart will be correct: it will use the new data for the plot. HTH --Sam
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