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    Unprotect a protected document (Word 2000)

    How do you unprotect a section of a protected form so that the users will be able to add text to the unprotected section?

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    Re: Unprotect a protected document (Word 2000)

    If the document already is divided into sections, you can set the protection on or off for individual sections. Even so, some functionality will not be available in the editable section (as you will notice from grayed out menu items). In Word 2000-2002, there is no unit of protection smaller than the section; Word 2003 has more options, but they are not backwards compatible. (Added: I do not have Word 2000 handy, but in Word 2002, the sections button appears in the Tools>Protect Document... dialog, to the right of the Forms radio button.)

    If you need to remove and restore protection in a macro, you might be able to find examples here on the Word board. One context in which you might see this is spell-checking in forms.

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