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    Outlook Dead Keyboard (Outlook 2003 SP2)

    Here's a strange one. Just recently (last week or so) I've been having problems with a seemingly dead keyboard in Outlook, or more specifically, in parts of Outlook. If I am creating a message (HTML) I can be typing away happily. But if I put the cursor into the TO: or Subject: lines the keyboard, except for the RETURN key appears to stop working. Type, type, type but nothing happens. Hit return and you go back to the message panel where the keyboard is fully functional. The workaround, if you can call it such, is to stop and restart Outlook. Does anyone have any thoughts on this one?

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    Re: Outlook Dead Keyboard (Outlook 2003 SP2)

    Do you have a custom message form? Outlook as a forms cache that can become corrupted. If you search this board for posts on how to flush the cache, that might be worth trying. (I think there is a button in the Manage Forms dialog.)

    Also, when you type in any address box, Outlook watches your keystrokes and checks them against the Nickname file of previously resolved names. Perhaps something is interfering with or crashing this particular feature. However, I don't really have a guess. If you have been using this installation of Outlook for a very long time, perhaps the nickname file itself is corrupted. Unfortunately, I'm not aware of any way to repair that, you just have to rename/delete it and start from scratch. If you want to try that, look under your Application DataMicrosoftOutlook folder for a file and .nk2 extension. (Probably you have to close Outlook to access it.)

    Finally, a spyware scan might be a good idea, just in case the "interference" is from prying eyes.

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