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    Query criteria (2000)

    Hello I have a query where the criteria on two fields is taken from a user input form. If use selects no inouts then I want the query to run all data. Specifically I have a date field and one for consultants, so if the date range is selected but no consultant then all consultant records for that date range are shown, but if a consultant is selected and no date range I would like to see records for that consultant for all dates.

    Currently in the citeria row for consultant I have IIf([forms]![frmreports]![cc] Is Not Null,[forms]![frmreports]![cc],[tblindividuals].[individual ID]), in the date I have is null or is not null with two more fields of [Forms]![frmReports]![cmbend] with criteria of >=[tblmain]![date] Or Is Null and [Forms]![frmReports]![cmbstart] with criteria of <=[tblmain]![date] Or Is Null (these last three are set to where)

    When I select a cc and no date range, this works fine but where I put a date range in and no cc, all records for all ccs for all dates show! What would I need to modify?

    Thanks Darren.

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    Re: Query criteria (2000)

    You can remove the "Is Null Or Is Not Null" condition - it is ALWAYS true.
    Also remove the criteria for the consultant. Instead, enter [Forms]![frmReports]![cc] in a new column, set the Total option to Where and enter the following in the criteria row:

    [tblIndividuals].[Individual ID] Or Is Null

    I assume that Individual ID is the consultant field.

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