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    Start Time (2002)

    I am new start Project so not to familiar with its abilites. I want to start a new Project. It should take about 30 work days, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm. When we enter a new task now it enters the Start Date & Finish Date. How can I get it to work with a Start/Finish Date and Time? - 9:30 am - 10:15 am for a task? New task Start/Finishe 1:30pm - 3:00 pm.

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    Re: Start Time (2002)

    By default Microsoft Project will use the the current date as the start date of a project plan. To change the default start date to a proposed start date select Project-Project Information from the menu bar and enter the new proposed start date. You have a choice to schedule a Project from the start date forward or from the finish date back. I would recommend always using from the Start date forward. You will also notice there is a calendar selection in this dialog box. The default calendar for a new project plan is the Standard Calendar.
    If you want to use Start and Finish times that are different that the default Standard Calendar 8:00AM-12:00AM 1:00PM-5:00PM you will need to create an new named base calendar and assign it to the plan. To create a new named calendar select Tools -Change Working Time from the menu bar
    Click the New button
    Give the new calendar a name, the usual convention is to use all Upper Case letters for custom named objects
    Select all Mondays-Fridays for all months by dragging through the letter buttons at the top of the select dates area
    Edit the working hours accordingly. Project will display a diagonal pattern background for days with edited hours
    Return to the Project Information dialog box and assign the new custom calendar to the Project plan as the Base Calendar for the plan
    Next go to Tools Options and on either the Schedule or Calendar tab ( I don't have Project on my work PC to look at right now) coordinate the defaults to match your custom settings. You will need to redefine hours per day and hours per week. By default Project breaks all durations down to minutes, hours, days, and weeks based on options settings.

    As you enter a task list in the Task Entry Table Project will start all tasks on the Start date of the Project and will update the Start and Finish fields based on the Duration of the task and task dependency relationships. I recommend not manually typing values into the Start and Finish fields as this will cause Project to set constraints for tasks making your plan very inflexible and hard to manage. Task dependency relationships create the timeline. Constraints should be used prudently and only when necessary. Remember Duration to Project means working time as defined in Tools -Options and as set in the Project Base Calendar. This means for example if you have a 5 day duration task using the Standard Calendar (Monday - Friday 8 hours per day) if a task starts on a Monday, Project will calculate that tasks Finish date to be the following Friday. If the same task starts on a Tuesday Project will calculate the tasks finish date to be the following Monday. It is designed to allow the non-working Saturday and Sunday . Durations cannot be set for Summary tasks they are calculated by project based on subtasks dependency relationships and durations.

    This is a lot of information for a new Project user so if it seems unclear if you post back I can clarify.


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