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    Copying Autonumbered Text (Word XP)

    Hi, all.

    I have a project that entails copying seperate documents into a "master" document (although we're not really leveraging Word's Master Document features, we're just inserting files.) Each of the files to be inserted has the Heading styles defined using Autonumbering (in the pseudo-legal style of 1., 1.1, etc.) Basically, the user is writing a huge document that is divided up into seperate Word files, with each document having it's headings start with a different number as per it's place in the grand scheme of numbering.

    Anyway, one thing that I didn't anticipate was that, when inserting a file that starts numbering with the number "4" into a document that ended with "2.9.9", the Headings that used to start with "4" now start with "3". I'm sure that would please many users, as the numbering is now sequential, but in our case, we WANT to skip section 3. (Ostensibly, it's being skipped because the user isn't finished with it, but would like to see a printout of everything that IS finished.)

    So, if there's anyone out there that's not confused by this and knows how I might keep the numbering associated with each inserted file (the number it has before being inserted, that is), can you please guide me?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Re: Copying Autonumbered Text (Word XP)

    I would put in a placeholder for the Section 3 with the caption "Yet to be Supplied"
    If you really don't want to see this text you may even be able to hide that paragraph without modifying the subsequent numbers.
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