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    Font Problem in IE (IE 6)

    Hi, all.

    Two days ago, I had some painful problems with my Windows XP Evo 620c laptop. Essentially, the ATI drivers became corrupted. Along the way to resolving the problem, I uninstalled several ostensibly unnecessary apps and utilities. (No Microsoft apps, but more like utilities I've downloaded along the way.) Well, my video is working fine now, but I noticed that I have a font issue in Explorer that I've never seen before. Paragraphs that have proper bullets at the beginning aren't showing the bullet character; instead, I get the "lamda" character. (You know, the sort-of upside-down "y" character.) I don't know if this is a font issue or a setting that I blew away, but I notice it on web pages where it's using the Tahoma font, which is certainly present on my system.

    Any ideas? (Thanks in advance.)
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    Re: Font Problem in IE (IE 6)

    See Description of Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 System File Checker (Sfc.exe). If that does not work you could try a system restore or a repair install.


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