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    A Better Way to Calculate (Excel 2002)

    Attached is a partial spreadsheet. The original stretches through to the end of March. The data was imported from another program into Excel and we are concerned with finding the number of entries for each itnerview date. What I did was go to end of each interview date used a countif formula (see attached). This obviously was time consuming, but got the job done for a manager. There has to be a better way! Correct?

    Also as this sheet stretched down column A a long way is there a method of taking all of January data and having it appear in Columns A to through to the end of the number of days on which interviews took place in January. Then a method to take February and place the data beginning in Column A in columns below January; March below February etc.

    Note that the number of interviews varies from day to day. Some as few as 12, others as great as 50.

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    Re: A Better Way to Calculate (Excel 2002)

    Is there a special reason you posted this in the FrontPage forum?

    Update: now reposted in Excel as <post:=547,846>post 547,846</post:>. Please post all replies there. This thread is locked to avoid duplication.

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