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    Documents and Settings Problem (XP-H v5.1 SP2)


    Severe BSOD problems caused me to flat-line my PC and start over with a clean format and a reinstall of XP. Before doing that, I backed up all data in the Documents and Settings folders to a removable HD. Now that XP and Office are reinstalled, I am trying to restructure the "my documents" settings for all four user environments. My stuff seemed to come back with no problems, but with two of the users, I get the following strange developments.

    When I reinstalled XP, I named the four environments just as they had been: Me, Wife, Kid1, and Kid2. I then copied all of the files and folders from the respective spots on the removable HD to the corresponding folders on the C drive. It works fine for me once I imported my pst file into Outlook, etc., but the wife says all of her stuff is gone.

    When I look at the file structure using file explorer, I see one folder under Documents and Settings labeled "Wife" and one labeled "Wife.computername". The files belonging to my wife are contained in the first folder, but Outlook wants to look in the second for its files and settings. How do I resolve the conundrum?


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    Re: Documents and Settings Problem (XP-H v5.1 SP2)

    Wife.computername can happen when Wife already exists and Windows needs a way to differentiate the "second" Wife. It is easiest to give in and copy everything you want to save from the old profile into the new one. There probably are other solutions, but if she can't log on to the earlier profile, I can't think of any that would be quick and easy.

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