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    Crosstab in reverse (2003)

    Is there a neat way of doing a crosstab in reverse, by which I mean to take a table and create a query that returns one record for each of certain columns in that table? I have a table of store opening times. Each record contains a store id, then a set of boolean fields that tell me whethwer the store is meant to be open on Mon, Tue, Wed .. Sun. What I need to do is to compare this with a sales and footfall table, which has one record per store per day, to see if sales and footfall data exists in this table for each of the days that the various stores are open. I could union together seven individual queries, one for each day of the week, based on the store opening times table, but this seems a bit messy. I'm sure that this kind of thing must have come up before and I wondered if there was a more efficient way of doing it.


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    Re: Crosstab in reverse (2003)

    You can use VBA code to "normalize" a table. Free sample code can be downloaded from NormalizeDenormalize on Roger's Access Library. Post back if you have problems.

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