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    Upgrade (2k to 2003)

    We are currently upgrading from office 2k to 2003. We are also as part of this upgrade migrating from NT and windows 2K professional to xp professional. We have many databases that are used daily. Are there any issues and or concerns that I should be aware of as a result of this migration?

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    Re: Upgrade (2k to 2003)

    You can keep on using the databases in Access 2000 format. Access 2003 can work with such databases without conversion. In fact, I would recommend staying with the Access 2000 format, it is leaner and more stable than the Access 2002/2003 format. And you can exchange the databases with anyone using Access 2000, 2002 or 2003.

    Security is much tighter in Access 2003; see Microsoft Office Assistance: Frequently asked questions about Access security warnings. you will probably want to sign your databases with a digital certificate.

    Make sure that the latest updates are installed. The initial version of Access 2003 had a fair number of bugs that were ironed out in SP1 and SP2.

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