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    Form Field Can Grow (2003)

    I decided to go ahead and post a stripped down version of my db to display the problem to help explain my issue I'm experiencing. I've got a form which display my comments. For some reason, my comment field will not shrink or grow depending on the text entered. I've read in some posts where it does not appear on screen, so I may be out of luck, So on some comments, I have a huge space between the comment and the comment owner/date field. Is there any other method to accomplish this? Additionally, I have a field named priority. Is it possible to change the font color of the comment field if the priority field is checked?

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    Re: Form Field Can Grow (2003)

    The Can Grow / Can Shrink properties of controls and sections on a form only work when you print or print preview the form, not when you open the form normally.
    These properties are mostly meant for reports, which are always used to preview or print data, not to edit them.

    You can use Conditional Formatting to set the font color depending on a condition:
    - Open the form in design view.
    - Select the Comment text box.
    - Select Format | Conditional Formatting...
    - Select Expression Is from the first dropdown list.
    - Enter [Priority]=True in the text box next to it.
    - Select the desired font color.
    - Click OK.

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