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    Short Cut Doesn't Work (Sometimes)

    This is an odd one. I have a shortcut on my desktop to a Microsoft Access File. If I double click on it, it opens (No suprises so far). If I then close it down, and double click again (After waiting some time) Nothing seems to happen. If I then look in Task Manager, its there under Processes, But not under Applications.

    If I End Task, and double click the icon, it works again.

    I think Access is not shuting down properly. I have had the same with Word and Excel.

    Any Ideas would be greatfully received.


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    Re: Short Cut Doesn't Work (Sometimes)

    I had a similar problem with Outlook, where it would leave a stray process in memory. My workaround was to uninstall/re-install, which is a royal pain - but that was because I had to re-install Windows anyway.

    You could try the Help -> Repair to see if that gets it, but I'll lay money that all that it will do is throw icons into your start menu (whether you tell it to or not) just like a fresh install.

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