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    Field Order in Mail Merge (Acces2003/Word2003)

    Don't know if this should be here or in the Word forum but here goes.
    I have created a query on an Access 2003 DB; all data is returned OK and the fields are displayed in the order I want i.e the order they are shown in the query design.
    The query is used in a Mail Merge using Word 2003. All the data is returned OK but the fields are not in the required order (e.g. the first four query fields 'Duty Type', 'Title', 'First Name', 'Last Name' are displayed 'Last Name', 'First Name', 'Title', 'Address 1' . . . . .'Duty Type') in the Mail Merge recipients dialogue box.
    The query gets data from two tables, Volunteers and Volunteers Duty. Fields Title, First Name, Last Name, Address 1 etc all come from the Volunteers table. Duty Type comes from table Volunteers Duty.
    Does any lounger know how this can be rectified, please?

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    Re: Field Order in Mail Merge (Acces2003/Word2003)

    I think Microsoft is trying to be user-friendly, and placing the fields it thinks will be the most used (those from the "Address Block") at the front. There doesn't seem to be a solution that will last longer than the current session...

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