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    Opening .dot files from within public folders (OL2000

    Hello: I've been reading the threads for a while and have done a search but can't find an answer to this problem so thought I would avail myself of the list's wisdom.

    This might be a problem with Word 2000 but I believe Outlook 2000 is the culprit.

    We are using public folders to hold the various forms used throughout the company. The folders are set up to hold the documents (Word or Excel) as "posts". When a person tries to open a document template (.dot or .xlt) in the folder by double clicking on it the appropriate program will launch and the document will open but it will be "read only" and if you try to do a Save As you cannot select a different file type, you are restricted to the .dot or .xlt format. Staff have reviewer access only but I have owner access and the same thing happens to me.

    This also occurs with Word 97 and Outlook 2000.

    Has anyone seen this problem and found a fix.

    Shauna Attewell
    Biomira Inc.

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    Re: Opening .dot files from within public folders (OL2

    well, any file opened from outlook is automatically set as read-only. for most users, it is seen when opening attachments in email.

    since you are using outlook 2000, one possible workaround exists if i recall correctly: chilton preview (look for it at <A target="_blank" HREF=></A>).

    It's been a while since i used it, but i'm pretty sure it bypasses the read-only problem. it also bypasses the attachment security block, but only with outlook 2000.

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