This is related to the thread starting at <post#=545161>post 545161</post#>. I too have long used OE (5.5) at home but with the arrival of Thunderbird 1.5 it seems appropriate to consider changing. First some background...

My ISP lets me have as many email addresses as I want because the format of my address is:: . I have four main addresses (myself, wife and two children) plus loads of throw away ones like NameofShareware@etc.
My ISP provides Webmail access and it can filter stuff to webmail folders.
POP3 access only sees the 'inbox' on the server
My ISP has very good spam filters
I have four 4 separate OE identies (myself, wife and two children)
Ffor my wife and children's identities have an OE rule that says 'If the message is NOT for that person do NOT download it from the server'.

The above means it's easy and fairly safe for the family to check their mail. Spam is diverted to a junk folder on the server by the ISP while the OE rule means any BCC stuff stays on the server and they only get messages explicitly addressed to them. When I check my mail I first do so via Webmail (note to bigaldoc, I used to use MailWasher but I can do more with webmail access) so I can review what's on the server, be it stuff in the junk folder or if there are any genuine BCC messages for the rest of the family that have been held back. Once I'm happy, I can get the messages off the server with POP3/OE. Any genuine BCCs for other people are easily imported to their correct identity from my identity

Which brings me at last to Thunderbird 1.5...
As yet I've not been able to recreate the above system in Thunderbird.
a) because I can't find the equivalent rule to OE's 'do not download for the server'
[img]/forums/images/smilies/cool.gif[/img] because I'm not clear on setting up identities, each with their own set of folders, within Thunderbird (still working on that one)
c) I can't treat my wife and children's email addressess as separate accounts within Thunderbird because they all need to talk to the same account at my ISP.

Does anybody follow all that and have any comments / advice, especially on the Tbird equivalent to the OE rule 'do not download'?