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    multiple Google toolbars (Outlook 2003 Pro)

    I have 21 instances of the Google Desktop Toolbar showing up in the Tools / Customize menu (in toolbars tab). I used to have Google desktop installed but not anymore (at least I don't think I do, I don't see it listed in Add/Remove Programs list - only "Google Toolbar for IE" is listed). I do have the Lookout toolbar installed, however. All 21 of the Google instances are un-checked and I can't delete them from the list. Where are these stored on my hard drive? Can I delete them directly?

    It doesn't seem to be doing any harm, but it just bugs me to see them all sitting there.


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    Re: multiple Google toolbars (Outlook 2003 Pro)

    Did you try the Reset option in that dialog? You could try some VBA to delete all your Google TBs, I'm rusty on TB coding myself, something like:

    Sub DelGoogToolBar()
    Dim tempTB As CommandBar
    For Each tempTB In ActiveExplorer.CommandBars
    If InStr(tempTB.Name, "Google") Then tempFETB.Delete
    Next tempTB
    End Sub
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