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    Files on Win Explorer (Windows XP)

    Hi, I would like to know if it is safe to delete four (4) files with the extension .msi called Windows Installer Package found in this folder in my Windows Explorer: Downloaded installation . I use Microsoft AntiSpyware and it checks my computer every day on a schedule. These files all have the same name and are all dated 2005 (none in 2006) and they are huge like 5,935 KB! Could someone advise me on this. Thanks.

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    Re: Files on Win Explorer (Windows XP)

    The safest way to check to necessity of a file or files is to temporarily Rename them, then see what if any effect they have when renamed. If a program complains that if can't find xxxx.msi then just rename them back to the old name. That way it's simple enough to restore them.

    I usually rename them with a # sign in front of the old name ( like #xxx.msi ) then if I have to restore them I just remove the # sign and they are back to the original.
    Also if I forget to remove a file or files, it's easy enough to look in Windows Explorer to see what files have the # prefix and what date they were renamed. If they are old enough, then delete them all.

    HOWEVER, msi files are required as configuration databases for some programs. You have to be very careful when renaming or deleting these files.

    "An .msi file is a database of all the files, settings, and configuration information for the associated application. When you install Office on your computer, the .msi file is saved in a hidden folder. Without this file, Windows Installer cannot update your configuration, install optional features, or apply software updates. Office cannot be installed, repaired, or updated if the .msi file is not found"

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