Here I thought I had come up with a fairly cognizant understanding of the "Forward as iCalendar" function, but maybe....

I set up an appt. on the computer in my daughter's calendar upstairs in my home (Version 2003 as well) and, before saving, sent it via the "Forward as iCalendar" to me downstairs. She had then saved same so it showed up on her computer.

That was at 8pm. It's now 8.28p, and the appt. has yet to get downstairs.

If I send straight e-mail, it travels either way almost immediately.

Am I doing something wrong here in my process? I would have thought this to be pretty straightforward.

I tried same before dinner (about 6), and it got here (eventually) sooner or later while I was out, 'cause when I got back (jut before 8) the first try was there.

What am I doing wrong here?

Chuck Billow