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    Outlook plain text (2000)

    When I send mail to a group, I send it plain text. Yet, the very first word that shows up on the email is the name of the stationery I usually use. This is very confusing. How do I make it stop doing that???
    for example: PieChartsDear Group,
    When all I want it to say is: Dear Group.
    can anyone help!?!?!?

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    Re: Outlook plain text (2000)

    why are you using stationery (html) if you are sending plain text?

    actions > new message > new message using > should allow you to choose plain text without stationery.

    it's a bug that one of the SPs fixed - not sure which though.

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    Re: Outlook plain text (2000)

    One solution would be to open your stationery file in a text editor and edit the metadata dumped in with it. The first line of HTML source code for your stationery is likely something like this:
    <pre><html><head><title>Stationery Title</title></pre>

    Just edit out the title, and even if your HTML stationery goes out to a text-only recipient it won't print out your stationery's name -- as far as it is concerned, it doesn't have one.

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