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    compatibility tab in tools/options (2003 Prof./SP1)

    We check off "Don't use HTML spacing" on the tools/options/compatibility tab because we want extra space above & below all our paragraphs. We do it in our templates, so these options are always present in our documents. Checking anything on this list changes the words Recommended options for "Microsoft Office Word 2003" to Recommended options for "Custom".

    Since our corporation has not downloaded Service Pack 2 because of possible issues with other software, our IT people are in touch with Microsoft if any problems arise. But Microsoft techs (don't know if only a few or a lot) are telling them that if the word "Custom" appears on the compatibility tab it means the document was created in an earlier version of Word and that's contributing to the problem. I think this is a brush-off, but I'm checking to see if there's any validity to their claim. I don't see how choosing options in this list would make our documents NOT 2003 documents.

    Thanks for any insight you can provide.

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    Re: compatibility tab in tools/options (2003 Prof./SP1)

    The term Custom means precisely what it says: that the settings have been customized by a user. It doesn't say anything about the version of Word a document was originally created in.

    If a document has been created in Word 2000 with the default settings, for example, the "Recommended options for" combo box will display "Microsoft Word 2000". But if the document was created in Word 2000 with customized compatibility settings, the combo box would display "Custom".

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