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    Force right apostrophe (2002 SP-3)

    How do you force a right apostrophe at the beginning of a word, like 'tis? How would I search a document to replace the left apostrophe with a right apostrophe on several instances of 'tis?

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    Re: Force right apostrophe (2002 SP-3)

    I assume that you have set AutoFormat as you type set to replace "Straight quotes" with "smart quotes" in Tools | AutoCorrect options.

    When you want to enter a "right apostrophe", the easiest way is to press ' twice. This will enter a "left apostrophe" and a "right apostrophe". Then delete the left one.

    To replace existing left apostrophes with right apostrophes, you'll have to turn off the "replace straight quotes with smart quotes" temporarily. You can then enter ^0145tis in the Find what box, and ^0146tis in the Replace with box.

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