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    USB Drive Removal

    Can a USB Drive be physically damaged be removing it without going through the "Safely Eject Hardware" proceedure?
    I recently attempted to acquire a file but the backup malfunctioned somehow, so we pull USB drive out (there was no obvious data transfer in progress at the time) & when we attempted a 2nd time by inserting drive, the PC acknowledged "found new HW" but from then on we received a message "HW has malfunctioned, try inserting item again".
    So have tried this USB drive in 4 PC's, but am still receiving the same message - so I figure it must be stuffed!!
    Is this situation applicable to CF, SD etc cards as well?
    Maybe I'd better take time to use eject proceedure in future!!


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    Re: USB Drive Removal

    You might want to give John Gray's <!post=StarPost,514,681>StarPost<!/post> on this topic a look. There are other posts in that thread that you could read as well. I don't know if the drive can be re-formatted in your case. The only thing I have is a SmartDisk USB reader which stays connected all the time. I do insert and remove a camera memory stick all the time without problems. A bit different than a true hard drive however.

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