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    Header/Footer page numberings (Word '03 SP2)

    Question about page numbering in header/footers. I wish to have front page have nothing in the header OR footer. I accomplished this.

    Then I wish to have all the beginning pages (revisions/TOC/TOF) be numbered i,ii,iii,iv, etc.

    Then, when the text of the document starts, I need the numbering to be 1, 2,3 to end.

    Do I have to insert a section break between the i,ii,iii part and the text that I want numbered in the footer 1, 2, 3?

    I had thought I had this concurred, but, it is not now behaving

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    Re: Header/Footer page numberings (Word '03 SP2)

    Yes, you need to insert a section break if you want to change the page numbering.
    Position the insertion point somewhere in the newly inserted section.
    Select Insert | Page Numbers...
    Click the Format... button.
    Specify the desired formatting, and that you want to restart numbering at 1.
    Click OK in the Page Number Format dialog, but not in the Page Numbers dialog,click Close there.

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