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    Multiple Image on a Userform Button (VBA/Powerpoint/2000)

    Sorry... me again. I promise you there is quite a lot I work out for myself!!! but i'm a bit stuck here.

    what i was wondering is..... I've created a userform that has a grid of toggle buttons with gifs on them which have various functions depending on what combination they are depressed. But what i am finding is that sometimes it's quite hard to notice if the toggle is up or down. so the way round this would be to have one image while its value is false, and another for True (i.e. a tick). The image for the Toggles False position is easy enough by using the properties when building the button, but when it's true i'm having to use the following code:-

    If ToggleButton1.Value = True Then
    ToggleButton1.Picture = LoadPicture("C:image.gif")

    What i was wondering is, if it is possible to somehow embed the image.gif into the form and refer to it from there, so as when the add-in gets distributed, I don't need to worry about all the extra little gifs and things?

    Many thanks


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    Re: Multiple Image on a Userform Button (VBA/Powerpoint/2000)

    You could create a series of controls with the pictures you need (for example Image controls), and set their Visible property to False. You can then use code like

    If Me.ToggleButton1.Value = True Then
    Me.ToggleButton1.Picture = Me.Image37.Picture
    Me.ToggleButton1.Picture = Me.Image38.Picture
    End If

    (BTW, questions are welcome! That's what the Lounge is for!)

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